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We must say that the Health Canada advisory came as a bit of a shock to the team here at LittleOak, probably as much as it did to you. We have received no notification or correspondence from Health Canada or the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), around this development, instead we found out about it via the media. In the absence of any formal communication from the CFIA, we believe this notification comes in the wake of our recent decision to cease distribution of our infant formula products in the USA as we pursue pre-market approval in that region.

As a team of parents, we know how stressful it would be to hear news such as this about a product you may be using, so we felt it was really important to clarify the inaccuracies around the media commentary. Firstly, that this is not a recall. The CFIA notification refers to a consumer warning, not a recall, on our Stage 1 and Stage 2 products only. Furthermore, we do not sell or market LittleOak in Canada. Canadian families can only purchase LittleOak from our Australian website so any suggestion that we sell illegally in Canada is also untrue.

Just as importantly, we must confirm that this is absolutely not a quality or safety issue. LittleOak is proudly made in New Zealand, according to the highest quality and regulatory standards anywhere in the world. Our formula is developed according to the World Health Organisation’s Standards and the global CODEX Infant Formula Standards by which most countries adhere to, including Health Canada.

Our goal has always been to provide all families with natural and nutritious formulas and milks to nourish their children. We believe that each family has their own feeding journey and recognise that parents should be able to choose a formula that best suits their child’s needs. As with all aspects of parenting, we firmly believe it comes down to individual choice.

As a company founded by a mum and run by a team of passionate parents, we only want the best for our children and consider it an absolute privilege to do what we do. We nourish millions of infants and babies across the globe each and every day, including Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Taiwan among others, and we will continue to do so.