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Pink hope: one mum’s mission to reduce cancer risk

Pink hope: one mum’s mission to reduce cancer risk

New episode of the This Little Life podcast now available

Hosted by Elke Pascoe, Founder and CEO of The LittleOak Company, "This Little Life" is an impromptu and lively discussion that delves into the big and little issues of parenting and beyond.

In a world often defined by genetics, what if you inherited something much more serious than the colour of your eyes or a cheeky dimple when you smile?

This October, in honour of Breast Cancer Awareness, we bring you a truly remarkable episode of "This Little Life." Join us on this heartfelt journey as we uncover the life-changing experiences of Sarah Powell, the CEO of Pink Hope, an Australian non-profit organisation with a profound mission: to educate and prevent hereditary breast and ovarian cancer.

From her personal battle with breast cancer to her advocacy work aimed at understanding and reducing the risk of hereditary cancer in our community, Sarah's story is an extraordinary testament to courage, resilience, and, above all, hope – or should we say pink hope.

As we learn about hereditary cancer risks and the importance of breaking the cycle, we want to empower all the women reading this today to perform regular self breast checks. Pink Hope’s website has valuable resources free to access, such as their self-breast check resources:

Let Sarah's journey serve as a reminder that proactive steps can make a significant difference.

Tune in to hear Sarah's journey – empowering as it is emotional. Learn more about hereditary cancer risks and ways to break the cycle of cancer and encourage conversations that save lives.



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