Acts of kindness – your #givegood guide for kids

Acts of kindness – your #givegood guide for kids

It's safe to say that most parents at some stage have asked themselves "How do I raise my child to be a good person?" And in some ways, it's the ultimate goal of parenting, isn’t it? So how do we teach our little ones to be caring, and have empathy? Can and how do you “teach” goodness? 

Actions speak louder than words 

We like to think goodness is something you role model. First and foremost, by cultivating a household that talks about emotions, we allow our little ones to feel safe sharing their joys as well as their discontents. When our little ones can freely experience their emotions, it will also help them identify and understand them in others. 

From good manners to gratitude to all around respect, rest assured that you will naturally instil these values in you little one when you act as a role model and encourage them to feel their feelings. But, if you’re looking to nudge them in the right direction, challenge your little ones to perform these acts of kindness. This Christmas—and all year round—let's encourage our little ones to make the world a better place. 

Acts of Kindness

  1. Draw a Christmas card for your teacher or parent 
  2. Donate some unused toys to your local charity shop 
  3. Call your grandparents for a chat 
  4. Tell your sibling you love them 
  5. Include a new friend - no one should ever get left out 
  6. Sing a song or perform a dance for your parents 
  7. Let mum and dad have a sleep-in (we can always dream!) 
  8. Have a dinner time conversation about what you are grateful for 
  9. Collect clothes that don’t fit anymore and donate to a worthy cause 
  10. Gift a friend a book your little one enjoyed, with a note to pass it on 

Wanting to make it more fun for your little one? Write these out (and include more of your own!) before putting them in a ‘Kindness Jar.’ Every day, your kids can pick an act of kindness to perform and spread a little more love into the world. To our LittleOak parents, thank you so much for joining us to #givegood. 


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