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Celebrating Easter with a new bub

Celebrating Easter with a new bub

From chocolate eggs to scavenger hunts, when it comes to Easter with a little one, you all know the drill. From tiny tots all the way to teens, kids of all ages simply love Easter. And we do too.  

But how can you celebrate Easter with a new bub? Too young to engage in all the classic festivities, we’ve pulled together a list of activities so you can make this day extra special for your bundle of joy - and better yet, start family traditions that will last.   

Plan a photoshoot 

Just because your little bub can’t eat chocolate or tear around outside with the other kids, doesn't mean they have to miss out on the Easter fun. Holidays are a great time to plan that baby photoshoot. Just and blue Easter eggs, yellow ducklings...perhaps a fluffy bunny? Or better yet, a goat? It’s just too cute.  

Plant something  

If it's your bub’s first Easter, why not plant something to mark the occasion? Easter is, after all, a time of rebirth. Soon enough, the plant will grow alongside your little one and you’ll be able to look back and remember your bub’s first Easter. They really do grow up so fast.  

Create a keepsake 

Mark the occasion with a special keepsake and make some painted footprints of your bub. You can even use pastel colours to keep with that Easter theme. Better yet, draw some bunnies, carrots, chicks...whatever comes to mind. Over the years, it will be a beautiful reminder of how little your little one was.  

Decorate bub’s nursery  

Putting up some homemade decorations or fresh flowers can be a lovely way to introduce some spring into your bub's nursery.  You might also want to consider a new fluffy toy for bub - maybe a cuddly bunny.  

Dress bub for the occasion  

Think fuzzy beanies with bunny ears, Easter-themed sleep suits or bibs, dressing your little one for the occasion is just too cute. Better yet, if you like to knit or crochet, there are hundreds of tutorials for Easter themed hats and boots for bubs.  

From the team at LittleOak, we wish you a joyful Easter with your families. And if you try out any of these suggestions, tag us! We always love to see our LittleOak bub’s.  


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